"Indulge in the process as you create delicious tomatoes."

"Indulge in the process as you create delicious tomatoes."

Rolling tomatoes is a project Miller has perfected from over 20 years of experience teaching students of all levels. It’s about movement and repetition, and is designed to engage the student with quick energetic brush strokes applied around the entire canvas to create the illusion of momentum within the tomatoes.
This short video gives you all the necessary suggestions and demonstrations to achieve your own version of Rolling Tomatoes! You will learn to:
  • Understand how to achieve the illusion of movement.
  • Achieve harmony within a composition.
  • Engage and direct the viewer's eye in the composition.
  • Understand how colour mixes optically.
  • Establish varied lines creating the illusion of movement.

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Perfect for those looking to spark creativity, this mini project is easy to follow, and facilitates brush manipulation and colour building with a minimal palette. With step-by- step guidance, you'll create the illusion of movement through repetition of lines and shapes, and partial images caught in a moment. Furthering the concept of an image caught in motion, the blur of tomatoes adds to the overall illusion. The project allows YOU, the artist, to play with bold colour; learning how to achieve and amplify volume within a shape by dramatically adding light to a darker coloured form. Painting quickly and moving your brush about the canvas prompts you to embrace free and relaxed movements ensuring you don't overwork or lose focus on your piece. Allowing you to release your creativity by slowing down your conscious mind, embracing this refreshing change from our day to day lives you will find yourself feeling inspired, challenged, and artistically rejuvenated. And remember- The Studio Academy team and I are here to support you on your creative journey if at any time you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

Explore the Art History

Creating art is often a solitary adventure by reading art history and discovering the many great artist's trials and tribulations. You can find strength in knowing that you are alone on the canvas.                                                                                                                    

Michelle's Top 5 Books

These are some of my favourite books on painting in various styles that will aid your creative journey. Reading is such an essential part of painting, it is a core element of realizing and crystallizing and translating thoughts and feelings on to the canvas.

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Here at Studio Academy, we love music! My team and I have curated tunes just for you! With a good playlist, you can amplify any mood and set any tone, I use the momentum to inspire our painting! I hope you will find inspiration within the rhythm too!

Now, watch the video and get started painting!

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Now that you've finished your course, Be sure to stand back and have a look at your painting. Look at and ‘feel’ your creation with your entire body. It will lead you to where to go next. Painting is infinite when you look at the work and it ‘feels’ complete; leave it. Then look at in in 2-3 days when the paint has cured and decide then if changes need to be made or not. You did it!!! I would love to see your painting if you would like, share it with our painting community!

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